5 reasons to play SnowRunner in 2022 Review

The off-road-based simulator SnowRunner came out in the spring of 2020. We highly praised it. We found out that walking through the mud at a snail’s pace is just as exciting as driving at high speed, nearly taking off into the air. After the game was released, Saber Interactive actively developed it, and today SnowRunner is a lot more content than at the time of its release. In our opinion, this is an excellent reason to retake a look at the game and let you know why it’s worth your attention.

  • Producer: Saber Interactive
  • Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
  • The release date is March 28, 2020

New areas

SnowRunner is evolving with seasons that have been in operation for the game has had six seasons announced, each focusing on a particular theme. For instance, the initial is focused on searching for vehicles that are no longer in use: the repair of vehicles will be placed in your garage. The fifth game introduces tasks to rebuild the famous TATRA factory.

Seasons add new places to the game. We do not mean small DLC-maps. We’re talking about the regions similar to those in earlier games or surpassing the size of those areas. Interesting For instance, you may try to conquer impervious wetlands of the Kola Peninsula, Amur, and Rostov regions of Russia and explore the remote corners of the Canadian Yukon to test yourself in off-road Wisconsin and Maine in the U.S.

Of course, every area has its unique conditions. The game’s creators, assuming that players could handle the demands of the original sport, made difficulties more challenging. Certain areas are a wilderness, and there’s no sign of roads. It’s not simple to conquer these obstacles, let alone finish the task. This is a huge issue with the new game as not all players are prepared to deal with these issues and its benefit, as the difficulty creates sports excitement and a desire for coping with the chaotic game.

New automobiles

A brand new SnowRunner site was added to Saber Interactive’s existing fleet of vehicles. It’s not a joke: Saber Interactive added to the game new vehicles in every category, from speedy scouts to massive heavyweights.

The designers could not be granted a license to use the models of the Russian automotive industry. Therefore the design of the Azov brand trucks, one can easily identify the products of the factories “MAZ” as well as “KamAZ,” Voron reminds “KrAZ” and KHAN looks like”UAZ” “UAZ.”

The scenario for American-made vehicles is much simpler. They use licensed trucks manufactured of Ford, GMC, Hummer, Caterpillar, Chevrolet, and other popular brands.

The vehicles added to the DLC vastly expanded the options of exploring the world and operating in off-road conditions. For instance, the agile Jeep Wrangler Scout has unmatched performance in its class and can travel almost anywhere. The compact Caterpillar TH357 makes it easier to move the weight of loads in areas where cranes are not available. KRS”Bandit” is a 58 “Bandit” is a good choice for its class in the sense of being “all-terrain” with a high level of agility. The crane can be used to load and unload cargo. Its Aramatsu Forester heavy truck is specifically designed for work in the logging industry, and its swivel-cab helps you load your cargo for those who prefer to have the first-person perspective.

Furthermore, the creators had included various customization options that were missing in SnowRunner when it was released. For example, the driver’s cabin is now a lot more spacious. You can place an image of a parrot or a Dachshund with a bobbing head on the dashboard and add some stickers. Under the windshield, you can hang beautiful curtains or even a humorous amulet.

You can also embellish the exterior of the vehicle: spray-paint on the front Hood (interesting to note that during the gameplay, there’s plenty of graffiti, in keeping with themes like the “Russian” concept) Stick signs on your windshields, or decorate the grille using a steel figurine, or repaint the car with a unique design, for instance, with the look of the American flag. The United States.

It doesn’t matter if it’s only you or maybe your co-workers in the co-op, car customization plays a crucial role in creating the perfect atmosphere and mood.

New tasks

SnowRunner is not a narrative game. There isn’t a coherent storyline in it. Each region is different and comes with its challenges and problems. Many of them are fascinating, including both the primary ones offered by large corporations and the side ones offered by workers and farmers.

The significant players set goals for the world at large. Their tasks are noteworthy for their scope and the sheer amount of work. For instance, in the Amur region, the game allows building a spaceport in preparation for the rocket’s launch. In the Yukon, you’ll need to travel around the globe for valuable resources and construct the largest processing complex from the materials you find. Finally, in Maine, you will have to rebuild the sawmill and the fuel station, repair tunnels damaged by rockslides, and repair the motel to revive tourism to the county.

The jobs of local laborers are less substantial. However, they are not less fascinating. It’s as if you are helping someone. For example, it is necessary to rescue the truck out of the swamp, while the other will deliver lumber to repair damaged structures from flood damage, and the third one wants to win the race to pass the treacherous route. The only issue is that there aren’t any NPCs within SnowRunner, and their interactions are restricted to reading the quest list.


Customization is another great reason to get into the game. SnowRunner can be a good candidate for mods that have inspired gamers to create hundreds of additional features that can simplify gameplay while making it more complicated, including new vehicles, altering the balance, and other aspects of the game.

Mods included in the game are numerous, and the tools to locate and select them are integrated into the game’s main menu. You can categorize mods into various categories and then create your personal “hodgepodge,” which will provide you with the experience you need.

Do you need new trailers or cars? The list of modifications includes models for every taste, including a motorbike even tanks. Don’t have enough money to buy trucks? There’s a mod available that will give you a few thousand dollars in your game money account. Are you opinion that the consumption of fuel in the game isn’t realistic? You can find the adjustments you’d like.

Mods can make changes to the physical world. There are add-ons to modify their weight on trailers. modifications that improve the visuals and megasets that can make a variety of small adjustments. In the end, you can play as you want with the appropriate amount of challange.

The SnowRunner is the same, but with cons and pros

In the two decades since the SnowRunner release, lots of new content has been added; however, it’s the same engaging, challenging, and somewhat melancholy offroad experience at its core.

It’s a game of being in the middle of nowhere, getting caught in the middle of the road, making it home to look in search of an engine, and then helping a truck that is stuck. It’s a game in which you have to spend an hour or so to travel 10 km and yet be ecstatic over it! It’s a game that lets you sweat out stress and get some time to relax while doing it. There is no restriction on you to spill on your missions, fill the scout with additional fuel canisters, and then explore the remote areas of the globe, where you’re bound to discover something new – a unique feature to your car, and maybe even a truck that can be added to your collection of vehicles.

There is the option of playing SnowRunner with your friends in co-op. It will be a fantastic adventure that can result in some fantastic stories about the time you took turns pulling one another out of the swamps or the way you lost your belongings, or even how you attempted to traverse the water during the darkness of night. It is also possible to visit this place, relying only on yourself, and get lost for a time in a universe that for miles around, there’s not a single living thing.

It’s difficult to recommend the game to anyone. Even those who enjoy cars might not be able to master it. It requires a certain attitude as well as a great deal of perseverance to fully immerse yourself. If you’re ready to take on the world, SnowRunner will have something to keep you entertained.

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