40 Minutes Of Grid Legends Story Mode Gameplay

Electronic Arts and Codemasters continue to discuss GRID Legends. In a brand new 40-minute video that the game’s developers shared, they focused on the storytelling feature Driven to Glory (The Road to Glory). The video segments were awash with racing scenes, cat-scenes and live actors.

GRID Legends likely created the classic tale of the dark horse, where players play the role of a pilot-novice, with the number 22. Seneca Racing Team has hired an experienced rider to be co-driver. They are optimistic about the rider since they’ve not had much luck with co-drivers.

The video is subtitled in a variety of languages.

Summary of the video clip:

  • The cut-scenes were shot as scenes taken from a documentary.
  • The story tells the tale of the battle between the Seneca, Voltz and Ravenwest.
  • The game is played in London,
  • The new player will have to wow the Seneca manager at the next contest to be a part of the team. To do this, you must finish in 8th or better.

  • There was also speculation of competitors. One of them would be Valentin Manzi of Voltz Racing in the performance of Chuti Gatwa.

    • A look at Nathan McCain, who appeared in the previous seasons of Grid was also featured. The Ravenwest pilot has won five times in Grid World Series. Grid World Series. He is proud of his achievement and doesn’t shy away from his pride.
  • Developers showcased a variety of classes of cars racing in various conditions: a sun-filled track at Chicago and a wet track in Australia and many more.

GRID Legends will cross the end of the road on February 25. Platforms include PC (Steam, Origin), PlayStation and Xbox. Developers have recently revealed the system requirements for the latest race series.

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